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Bermuda Marine Forecast

Late night

In: 1-2ft
Out: 4-7ft
SSE  8-12 kts


In: 1-2ft
Out: 3-6ft
SSE 8-12 kts


In: 2-4ft
Out: 7-11ft
E 12-18 kts


In: 3-5ft
Out: 12-18ft
ENE 25-35 gusts 50 kts
Forecast covers out 25 nautical miles from the coast. Issued 11:30pm Thursday, September 17, 2020
Next scheduled update 5:30am.

Small Craft Warning (Valid for  Friday evening through Saturday night)
Marine Synopsis - High pressure ridging maintains largely fair weather for the moment with light to moderate southeasterly winds. Conditions then begin to deteriorate on Sunday as Hurricane Teddy, now a potential threat to Bermuda, approaches from the southeast. It will become increasingly windy with widespread rain and showers, as well as treacherous surf and swells developing.
Tonight - Winds south-southeasterly 5 to 10 knots, increasing 8 to 12 knots towards dawn...  Seas inside the reef 1 to 2 ft... Outside the reef 4 to 7 ft, decreasing...  Sunset: 7:21pm.
Friday - Winds south-southeasterly 8 to 12 knots, perhaps increasing 10 to 15 knots for a time...  Building southeasterly swell... Seas inside the reef 1 to 2 ft... Outside the reef 3 to 6 ft, increasing during the night inside the reef 2 to 3 ft... Outside the reef 6 to 9 ft...  Sunrise: 7:05am; Sunset: 7:20pm.
Saturday - Winds south-southeasterly 8 to 12 knots, backing easterly 12 to 18 knots in the evening, then increasing east-northeasterly 15 to 25 knots towards dawn...  Southeasterly swell becomes hazardous... Seas increasing, inside the reef 2 to 4 ft... Outside the reef 7 to 11 ft...  Sunrise: 7:05am; Sunset: 7:18pm.
Sunday - Winds east-northeasterly 15 to 25 knots gusts to 35 knots, increasing 25 to 35 knots gusts to 50 knots in evening then 40 to 50 knots gusting 65 knots late night...  Isolated showers with fair visibility becoming scattered to widespread showers overnight with poor to very poor visibility, chance thunder. Hazardous southeasterly swell continues to build... Seas increasing, inside the reef 3 to 5 ft... Outside the reef 12 to 18 ft...  Sunrise: 7:06am; Sunset: 7:17pm.
Monday - Winds northeasterly 40 to 50 knots gusts to 65 knots, backing northwesterly 20 to 30 knots gusts 40 knots overnight...  Widespread rain and showers, chance thunder, with poor to very poor visibility, easing to scattered showers with fair to poor visibility later. Hazardous southeasterly swells become dangerous and back northeast later... Seas increasing, inside the reef 4 to 7 ft... Outside the reef 20 to 30 ft...  Sunrise: 7:07am; Sunset: 7:16pm.

Tides at St George's (for Great Sound tides, add 10 minutes):
Low: 3:48am tonight: 0.3m/1ft, 4:08pm Friday: 0.2m/0.7ft
High: 9:57am Friday: 1.3m/4.3ft, 10:17pm Friday: 1.3m/4.3ft
Sea Surface Temperature: 27.7°C/81.9°F
Meteorologist: James Dodgson , Observer: Chris Black
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